New Haven Bike Month is building towards its vision through local investment and local advocacy. 

By organizing events with (not for) neighborhoods, New Haven Bike Month aims to identify and support local advocates for biking infrastructure and resources in their neighborhoods. Through our own experiences and best practices from other cities, New Haven Bike Month has found that through empowering neighborhoods biking advocacy can be sustainable and scalable. 

New Haven’s most impactful advocacy and planning projects have simultaneously developed relational culture — where community progresses through equitable partnerships and all voices are heard, especially those typically marginalized or in the minority. 

New Haven Bike Month aims for an equitable process of advocacy to not only bring more biking infrastructure to New Haven — but more equitable biking infrastructure. Local advocates will know best where bike lanes ought to be built to create the most impact in the community, resulting in compounding benefits for the community and city overall.


We believe that the best projects are built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

That's why we make our Strategic Plan public. It's pretty messy — we include our live notes from meetings! 


We strongly believe that New Haven Bike Month — whether you are volunteering, organizing an event, or participating, etc. — should be a place of growth.

What's something you've always wanted to learn? A skill that you feel like could be useful? Our goal is for New Haven Bike Month to be a launching pad to learn that awesome thing.

New Haven Bike Month is completely volunteer — so make working with us something that only contributes to your livelihood and well-being.