Bike Month is an event where anyone with an idea, time, & energy can make something happen.

CITYWIDE meetings

Our community meetings are open forums for voicing ideas and making connections. Come to share your thoughts on what you want to see in Bike Month, or just to learn what's going on in the planning process.




business partnerships

Your business can support Bike Month by providing discounts to cyclists during May, donating funds or items, or any other way you can think of. We'll be very grateful and promote your business on our site.


New Haven Bike Month loves our volunteers!

During Bike Month, there are numerous community festivals that happen all across the city. Each community festival relies on awesome, super fun volunteers to help fit helmets, fix bikes, or draw huge chalk dragons with kids!  



Plan an event

If you or your organization is interested in organizing an event for Bike Month, let us know! We can you brainstorm, connect you with potential partners or volunteers, or just promote the event as May approaches.


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